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Daughter dearest
On the phone
Waiting for her daddy
Daddy’s on
The other line
Trying to make money
Daughter dearest
Is left alone
Ready to shed tears
Daddy’s running
Something’s wrong
Faced too many fears
Daughter dearest
By the door
Toys no longer thrill her
Daddy’s home now
Don’t be scared
He will never leave you
:iconstill-the-same-smile:Still-The-Same-Smile 1 0
Thinking about the date
You drove into the lights
Down the main road of your town
We exchanged few words
As we watched the cars around us
Swerve in and out of mist
On a wet road on a humid day’s night
Slow piano music played on the stereo
Depressing enough to inspire the slashing of wrists
No doubt our thoughts were elsewhere
Yours were likely on the road
We both thought about the court date
How easily a teenage drama
Crossed into the reality on the adult world
Soon it will all be over
Soon we will prove her fault.
:iconstill-the-same-smile:Still-The-Same-Smile 0 0
Make a Guitar? by Still-The-Same-Smile Make a Guitar? :iconstill-the-same-smile:Still-The-Same-Smile 0 2
Joyous Mistakes
We have such idealistic views
And yet we do wrong by so many people
We find it easy to hurt those we care about
We sin
We sin
We do things our parents would not approve of
We do terrible things
We do things our parents secretly approve of
We do horrible things
Truly regretting
Very few of our actions
We’ll look back on it and laugh
We’ll look back on it and sigh
It was worth it -
Just to giggle about it like an inside joke
It was worth it -
Just to tell the grandkids in fifty years time
:iconstill-the-same-smile:Still-The-Same-Smile 0 4
Lets climb tall trees together
We’d climb trees together
Given the chance
It’d be a much shorter trip for you
And you understand
My current view of the world
‘Cause you’ve been through it all
Which puts you in a place to give advice
But you’re not terribly wise
You’re just telling stories
Lets climb tall trees together
The sense of support gives me strength
You can be the one to claim
That you’ll always me there to catch me
The same way you know
I’d be there to catch you
We’ll hide high up in the foliage
No one will think twice
To look up and find us
But if we both fall
Don’t try to save me
‘Cause I’d never forgive you
For going down without me.
:iconstill-the-same-smile:Still-The-Same-Smile 0 0
To capture you
I cannot give you justice
Through words scribbled on paper
Or typed up on a screen
I cannot do right by you
You are too good for words
You are beyond such simple words as these
You deserve to be depicted in other ways
Through abstract forms
And visual representations
To be worshiped for thousands of years
To be more than a precious piece of art
You need to be drawn, photographed,
Printed, knitted, beaded,
Baked, sewn, graffiti-ed even
You should be captured in every way possible
You should be known to all just as you are.
:iconstill-the-same-smile:Still-The-Same-Smile 0 0
If this is first impression
You’ve inspired something new in me
You drop ideas to impress
The same way others are likely to drop names
I am addicted to your sarcasm and wit
We both understand that it was right for us to meet
You are quiet a catch to be caught
Your views are far beyond just black and white
You are so different and yet
You are my kind of normal.
:iconstill-the-same-smile:Still-The-Same-Smile 0 2
It's who they are.
My fathers blood
Is in the bathroom sink again,
He avoids stitches.
I didn’t cry this time,
I didn’t cry the last time either.
It’s a combination of the issues.
I can’t take care of someone
Who constantly denies my help.
Veronika’s, Melbourne, a different course,
Anything to get away.
A committed choice-less interpreter
The only thing I’m good for,
Translating every word in an instruction manual
What a gift.
Nothing is ever right.
They never point out any good things,
They only comment on the bad.
I’m not the only one to think so,
She’s just as powerless as me.
Though she can avoid them,
She doesn’t see them every day.
I should go to places and learn things.
I should get a job and buy myself a house.
Then I should but them a house and a couple of cars while I’m at it.
Maybe I should rob a bank
To solve all their ‘problems’.
After all, I’m not the one afraid of doctors.
Falls and cuts,
I don’t want to see my fathers b
:iconstill-the-same-smile:Still-The-Same-Smile 0 4
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Current Residence: Sydney, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Melodic Rock
Favourite photographer: proud to say Scott James Prebble
Favourite style of art: i don't know
Operating System: Windows XP (home edition)
MP3 player of choice: when i'm outside the house i'd rather listen to the world, not avoid it.
Shell of choice: shell?
Wallpaper of choice: my walls have been painted (by me)
Skin of choice: my own...unless...oh nevermind.
Favourite cartoon character: my father think that it's homer simpson.
Personal Quote: "I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war if you can tell me something worth fighting for"
It's been a long time since i've last updated. I have been super busy with everything that has been happening in my life in the past year. After the next three (or so) weeks i will have some free time on my hand so i'm sure i'll get around to posting some new deviations. On the 15/12 i will finally turn 18 years old. In other news....i am finally going to stop working at the local supermarket and am very likely to get a full time job next year.

check out the few new poems i've posted recently.

as always,
olga rozenfeld.
  • Listening to: Red Rabbits by The Shins
  • Reading: The clock
  • Watching: Adam Hills Live in the Suburbs
  • Playing: around on the Sideshow
  • Eating: Lemon and ogange drizzle cake
  • Drinking: Very Vanilla Latte


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May your spirit keep the freedom
of a butterfly in spring,
and may your heart be filled always
with the joys of simple things.
May your essence claim the freshness
of the new laid morning dew.
All of this... and more...
is my Birthday wish for you.
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